Body Contouring


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What if you could transform your body with a completely noninvasive treatment? Using the groundbreaking CRYO T-SHOCK technology paired with extensive cryotherapy expertise, Jana McDaniel, CME, and her staff at FIRMASKIN Med Spa offer slimming, toning, and cellulite reduction. If you’ve been looking to tighten sagging skin, banish cellulite, or finally lose those stubborn areas of fat, this treatment can deliver. To learn more, call FIRMASKIN Med Spa in Fort Myers, Florida, or book your apartment online.

Body Contouring

NEW: Combination Therapy - Cryo T Shock + Hyperdiluted Radiesse

Get the most bang for your body contouring buck with this power-duo that gives you all the benefits of Cryo T Shock plus, hyper-focuses fine tuning for stubborn issues like:

  • Deeper cellulite dimples
  • Crepeiness: arms, legs, knees
  • Saggy, hanging skin: abdomen, buttocks, knees, arms

Before and after pics for Hyper-dilute Radiesse

What is cryotherapy?

For years, aesthetic experts have been using cryotherapy to help patients eliminate unwanted fat. Cryotherapy works by freezing targeted fat cells for a defined, therapeutic length of time. This destroys the cells. Your body then proceeds to flush them away, leaving you with permanent slimming results (as long as proper diet and exercise prevent the creation of new fat cells), toning, and cellulite reduction that can last years.

Cryotherapy is effective, but no cryotherapy treatment has been able to deliver the same remarkable results as CRYO T-SHOCK, so Jana and her team of cryotherapists exclusively use this state-of-the-art technology. 


CRYO T-SHOCK differs from other cryo technology because it both heats and cools the skin. Quickly moving the fat cells from hot to cold temperatures destroys them more effectively.

This technology offers two separate treatments to help patients achieve their aesthetic goals:


CryoSlimming freezes the fat off your body. The treatment lasts 28 minutes. For the first four minutes, the targeted area is therapeutically heated. Then, CRYO T-SHOCK drops the temperature for 24 minutes to well below freezing to permanently destroy fat cells. Over the next few weeks, your lymphatic system will naturally process out those destroyed cells, leaving you slimmed.

The results from CryoSlimming are permanent. Multiple treatments may be required to achieve your desired result.


Around four in five women struggle with cellulite. And finally, thanks to CRYO T-SHOCK, there is a solution. In just 20 minutes, this technology can increase your localized metabolism, microcirculation, and collagen production. This smoothes your skin, reducing the appearance of cellulite.

The results from CryoToning usually last between several months to multiple years. You can receive touch-up or add-on treatments as needed to maintain your desired results.

What should I expect during and after my cryotherapy treatment?

Good news. With CRYO T-SHOCK, your entire treatment will be comfortable. In fact, many women describe the procedure as pleasant and similar to receiving a massage.

CRYO T-SHOCK kickstarts your metabolism. To get even better results, the FIRMASKIN Med Spa team recommends that you do at least 30 minutes of strenuous exercise immediately after your treatment.

If you want to transform your body with a safe, noninvasive treatment, call FIRMASKIN Med Spa or schedule your appointment online to get started with cryotherapy.