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A full, perfectly shaped pair of eyebrows can help you look put together, even when you’re not wearing any makeup. Patchy, uneven brows leave you looking disheveled if you aren’t willing to spend time every morning to correct them with makeup. But that’s not your only option. At FIRMASKIN Med Spa, Jana McDaniel, CME, and her dedicated team of aesthetic experts offer microblading to transform your brows. To learn more, call their office in Fort Myers, Florida, or book your appointment online.


What is microblading?

There was a time when you might have been grateful for thinning eyebrows. The trends of the 1990s have given way to today’s new looks, though, and full eyebrows are in. The classic look of full, well-shaped, even eyebrows lays the foundation for your face, helping you look your best whether you’re wearing a full face of makeup or going natural.

That’s good news for people who hate to pluck, but it’s bad news if your eyebrows aren’t as full or even as you’d like them to be. Desiring different brows can leave you with the task of trying to fill them in with makeup each morning, facing the dual challenge of ensuring they look natural while also creating a symmetrical shape.

Enter microblading. The semi-permanent treatment can put your brow concerns to bed. With it, you get full, meticulously shaped, completely natural-looking eyebrows.

How does microblading work?

After applying a numbing agent, Jana or another brow expert from her team will start microblading your brows. This process involves using a pen-like device fitted with a series of microneedles, or needles so small you can’t see them with the naked eye.

By brushing this device through your brows, your FIRMASKIN Med Spa brow expert can deposit hair-mimicking strokes of ink throughout your brows, filling them out. They tailor the brow shape and color to each patient so you get the perfect brows for your unique face.

What should I expect after microblading?

It’s important to note that in order to give you the best, longest lasting results, Jana and her team will use a slightly darker pigment than you may expect. That might leave your brows looking darker than you’d prefer for the first week, but be patient. As the pigment settles into your skin, you’ll get a perfect color match.

The results from microblading usually last between 12 months (for people with oily skin) and 18 months (for people with normal to dry skin) months. As the results fade, you can get touch-up treatments to maintain your perfectly shaped and colored brows.

Are you ready to cut a step out of your makeup routine for good? Call FIRMASKIN Med Spa or schedule your appointment online.