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The O-shot restores and revitalizes women’s sexual sensations.


What is the O-shot?

The O-shot is the latest revolutionary approach to restoring women’s sexual health. This all natural, non-surgical procedure enhances sensitivity and treats urinary incontinence by injecting PRP (platelet rich plasma) into the vaginal region. PRP triggers new cell growth by activating growth factors in the tissues resulting in increased sensitivity, stronger orgams and increased lubrication.

How is the O-Shot done?

The procedure begins with a simple blood draw, using advanced technology PRP is extracted from your blood sample. Then the PRP is injected into the clitoris and upper vaginal wall. The injection area is topically numbed so there is little to no discomfort. It is a quick and painless procedure with immediate results. There is no recovery time- you should be able to return to normal activities immediately.

Benefits women report:

  • More frequent and intense orgasms
  • Stronger libido
  • Enhanced clitoral sensitivity
  • Increased lubrication
  • Resolution of urinary incontinence