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The Priapus Shot rejuvenates mens sexual sensations


What is the P Shot?

The P-Shot is the latest revolutionary approach to improving men’s sexual health. The P Shot is an all-natural sexual enhancement procedure that delivers dramatic and immediate results. This painless non-surgical procedure treats men who have lost function due to prostate cancer, drug side effects and conditions such as diabetes, Peyronie’s Disease and erectile dysfunction. PRP (platelet rich plasma) is injected into multiple areas of the penis to trigger the growth of new blood vessels, improve circulation and increase size.

How is the P Shot done?

The procedure begins with a simple blood draw, using advanced technology PRP is extracted from your blood sample. Then the PRP is injected into the shaft and head of the penis. The injection areas are topically numbed so there is little to no discomfort. It is a quick and painless procedure with no recovery time.

Benefits men report:

  • Increased sensitivity and pleasure
  • Larger girth and length
  • Increased strength and firmness
  • Increased circulation
  • Increased stamina and sexual capabilities
  • Resolution of urinary incontinence